Why Use Lanolin? When cold winter air makes my skin rough and dry try my face and body lotion with lanolin. Unlike other oils, which often come on oily and once absorbed actually dry out your skin, lanolin will keep it feeling soft and relieved from shower to shower. This is partly because lanolin chemically most closely resembles the oils that our skin naturally produces to control moisture.

As with any other body of water, moisture is continuously evaporating from our skin. Lanolin has a coating effect that keeps that moisture from being drawn out, while allowing the skin to breathe without clogging pores, and so creating an unrivaled and lasting moisturizing effect. This is why creams without lanolin can only ever provide a temporary solution, because adding a tiny bit of hydration to the top layers of your skin will only give relief until that water has also evaporated.

What is lanolin? It’s the oil that sheep produce to keep their wool coats water proof and deodorized. Lanolin is a cruelty-free product. No sheep are harmed in the extraction of the oils. The oil is simply boiled off from cut wool. The practice of using lanolin dates back ancient Greece and is essentially as old as the use of wool itself. The extraction process requires no chemicals or harsh agents

Why else use lanolin? Try it for psoriasis, eczema, post breast-feeding, chapped lips, or any other dry area on your body. Great under the eyes too!

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Why Use Lanolin For Dry Skin Health?

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