Contact me Leah at 613-214-3142 or email

Each Product must be priced and have your store number which will be assigned

Rent Shelf Space in The Frontenac Mall 

Please note renting space is for serious business owners vendors looking for space to sell their products. 

It is your job to advertise and bring business to your own personal store front

Top Shelf 

$4.00 per day 

Second Shelf

$4.00 per day

Third Shelf 

$3.00 per day

Bottom Shelf 

$2.50 per day

Each Shelf is 3 feet by 4 Feet - to do as you wish

Payment is due at the first of every month. You will also be email transfered you sale at the first of every month. If your payment is not on time your products will be boxed up and ready for pick up. 

It is your job to check stock and product quality

We are open Monday- Friday 10am-5pm

Saturday 10am - 4pm

Closed Sundays

Total days are generally 26 days per month

you will not be charged holidays or snow days