What Can I Use As A Pure Natural Preservative Free Antibacterial Face Wash?
You Can Use Our Blackened Honey as a No Soap Face Wash, Honey Has Natural 

Antibacterial Ingredients That Is Why It Does Not Mold. We Have Added Activated Charcoal To Help With Toxins And Our Egg Shell Dust To Give A fine Scrub. 
Even though I make my own soap I still have a red hot feeling on my face no matter what soap I would use. Then I started using pure honey, I added some activated charcoal to help with acne and some of my egg shell dust to add a little 

smooth texture. My face has never been better and I never have hot or redness 

on my face from washing!

Can You Use Honey As A Natural Tooth Paste?

​You can also use this blacked honey as a toothpaste! Honey is being used to heal our gums and kill bacteria from foods that might be lingering in the crevices of out mouth.  Specialty toothpastes are coming out now using honey as one of the main functioning ingredients. It has been said that raw honey won’t cause cavities. In fact, people  have used it on abscesses to kill infections.

You have found the first oringal blackend honey with charcoal and egg shell dust here

Sensitive Skin Face Wash Canada | Simple Pure Honey With Charcoal | No Soap Face Wash Natural Antibacterial That Removes Dirt 
How to Clean or What to use  on your face that has no soap? 

Try Blackened Honey
Pure Honey Face Wash With Activated 

Charcoal and Our Organical Eggs Shell Dust

​Sensitive Skin Face Wash Canada | Simple Pure Honey With Charcoal | No Soap Face Wash That Removes Dirt ​​